Cocktails 101: The Aruba Arriba from the Aruba Marriot Resort & Stellaris Casino


(via ) The tiny island of Aruba is bustling with a wide array of places to stay and get lit. Very recently, we were lucky enough to check into the Aruba Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino for a few days. If you know us here at stupidDOPE, we were hyped to discover the resort’s go-to specialty drink. Behold, the Aruba Arriba. No sooner had we dropped our bags off in an immaculately designed waterfront-view suite, were we downstairs at the lobby bar watching the how the friendly bartender creating his own version of the cocktail. With premium ingredients like Canadian Club Whiskey, Stoly Vodka, Captain Morgan Rum & Coecoei liquor (Aruba’s best kept secret), this tasty drink is sure to kick off your island retreat in the biggest way. The drink subtlety packs one helluva punch, and leaves your palate yearning for more. Check the above clip for how to replicate the Aruba Arriba at home and leave your comments at the drop! Much love to letsruntrack for his most dope track.

Date: May 12, 2018

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