4K view of Central Park Sunset Time Lapse View from Drone (DJI Mavic Pro) (High Wind Stability Test)


This is 18 min of 4K in 9 secs I am just going through all the different features so that I can give you guys a proper #YouTube #TechReview once I have finished my checklist of tests, in the meantime enjoy a quick sneak peak 😉 To test the stability I flew the #MavicPro purposely as high as I could into what the sensors referred to as “heavy wind conditions” had it hover in place and decided to make it my 1st time lapse in #4K *Loving my laptop so much right now its about to get a name* #Subscribe to my channel for more #DJIMavicPro #4K #Drone #Aerial footage #FollowMe& #AddMe #FaceBook: Instagram: CAMChasingAMill Twitter: @CAMChasingAMill for more of my #ProffesionalCinematography and #Photography

Date: June 24, 2018

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