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Watch the Behind The Scenes of this 4K video in the link below!
When we were down in Aruba a few months ago filming our Epic Pirate Battle (), we got the chance to explore all 19 miles of this amazing island. It was one of the coolest, and most memorable experiences I’ve ever had as a filmmaker.
Everything in this video is something you can see and do there, whether you’re into watersports, land adventures, or all of the above.
For a full list of all of the places we visited in this video visit:
Download Aruba’s mobile app to create a custom itinerary
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Music by “Feels Like Home” by The Vicious Circle
Online Video Licensing:
TV/Film Licensing: licensing@
The water balloons were all biodegradable 🙂 They dissolve in the water right away 🙂
Film by Devin Graham using Canon 1DC, Mark III, with Glidecam HD 4000 for stabilizing. With the 1D-C we shot this in 4K.
Other Filmmakers: Parker Walbeck, Creighton Baird, and Seth Jones
Edited by Parker Walbeck using Adobe Premiere Pro CC
Also, super thanks to all the peeps at the Aruba Tourism Authority who helped make this epic video happen.
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Date: November 12, 2017

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