Aruba Beaches: The Best Caribbean Beaches


Aruba is happy home to some of the most spectacular, award-winning beaches in the entire world. A stunning variety for every beach lover to explore. Two of Aruba’s most popular are Palm Beach and Eagle Beach, with luxury resorts and hotels practically touching the Caribbean Sea. To the north is Arashi Beach, a quiet, crystal-blue gem. Malmok Beach is one of the world’s most premier spots for kite surfing.
On Aruba’s dramatic, rugged east coast, you’ll discover breathtaking secluded surprises like Boca Prins. On the southern tip of Aruba is Baby Beach, a protected natural cove with warm, shallow waters perfect for children and a snorkeler’s paradise. Lay just one footprint on our soft sands and you’ll see why so many people return to our Aruba beaches year after year.

Date: November 12, 2017

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